Marketing with Instagram

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Social media is a great way to market your business and gain clients and recognition. Most platforms offer different paid marketing options, but if you use your profile or page in the right way, they can serve a similar purpose. Instagram is very popular, and the visual-forward approach is easy for followers to digest. So, […]

How to Host a Socially-Distant Open House

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9 WAYS TO HOST A SOCIALLY-DISTANT OPEN HOUSE If you’re starting to venture back into holding in-person open houses, there are a few ways you can make them safer and more comfortable for you and your clients. Keeping doors open, wearing masks, and providing hand sanitizer are some pretty typical suggestions, but we’ve thought of […]

How Much Should You Spend On Marketing?

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Marketing is fundamentally one of the most important ways an agent can put themselves out there to try and gain new clients. Top agents often dedicate a significant amount of their funds to marketing campaigns, but it’s crucial to find the sweet spot that works for you and your clients. Analyze Your Business Before you […]