3 Ways Technology Is Improving the Real Estate Industry


Use technology to enhance the trust between agents, buyers, and sellers.

By now, technology is ingrained in our daily lives. Using technology has become second nature for so many of us. Traditionally in-person and on-paper experiences and processes can now happen online. 

For an industry, like real estate, that relies so much on human connection and physical presence, it can be challenging to see technology’s benefits. According to The Insider, 44% of people begin their home search process online, and 76% of all homebuyers use their phones to help them. 

Most importantly, parts of the home buying and selling processes being online does not mean that people don’t need agents! 

Buyers and sellers still need your expertise to help them sell their homes and close on new ones. The increase of virtual services means the process is becoming more flexible to meet more people’s needs.

Here are three ways technology is improving the real estate industry. 


1. Virtual Home Tours & Showings

When buyers begin their home search process online, they figure out what they are looking for from their current home’s comfort. This saves them time, and in a world with COVID-19, it helps keep everyone safer, too. Once they find a couple of homes they like, the tour process starts virtually or in person.

Buyersknowing what they’re looking for in advance saves you, the agent, time! These sites also allow potential buyers to contact you with the click of a button. Once you are connected, you can recommend even more homes and be confident that what you show them is the right fit for them.

Virtual appointments for loans and signings are also convenient, especially if buyers and sellers are not local. 


home buyers“Realtors still provide a personal touch to the process of finding, buying, and selling homes.”


2. On-Demand Marketing Materials

As an agent, you can use technology to your benefit. For example, our online portal allows you to create direct mail marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. Choose your template, upload your photos, and review proofs in a matter of minutes. 

For mailings under 2,000 pieces, our average turnaround time is 1-2 business days. Your marketing pieces are out the door, in the mail, and promptly in your customers’ hands.

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3. Staying Connected

Technology also allows you to stay connected even better than before. You can reach new clients with social media advertising, or you can keep your current clients up to date on your social media pages and website. 

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