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We’ve gathered 6 tips to help you create an effective business card.

A business card is essential for any professional, regardless of career. The main advantage of having a business card is simple: more buyers, sellers, and colleagues will have your information in front of them. 

We’ve gathered six tips to help you design (or redesign!) your business card and get your name out there!

1. Keep it simple!

Business cards are small, and including too much information is distracting. The goal is to get people to remember you, save your contact information, and give you a call when they are looking for real estate services. They need to be able to find your contact information easily. 

When designing your card, be sure to include the following:

  • Your name with your designations and certifications
  • The company or brokerage you work with
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Office address

contact us“Be sure to include your contact information so people can get in touch with you when they are looking to buy or sell a home.”


Depending on how you do business and how much space you have available, you may also want to include:

  • Your website
  • Social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram

Your contact information is going to be the most important part of your card. It’s what is going to allow people to get in touch with you again.

2. Make it high quality.

When getting your business cards printed, opt for thicker paper. A coated finish can produce sharp and clean text and images. People will appreciate how it feels to hold your business card in their hands, and they will take note of it. You can even add foil lettering to your card for some sleek shine. 

When you design your business cards to be sleek and modern, people will associate those design choices with you and your business practices. They will see you as more professional, which will help drive business your way.

3. Stand out!

Someone may receive your business card and decide to work with a different agent. To help your card, business, and expertise stand out even more, include an illustration, icon, or photo of a property representing your niche. 

You can also stand out with color. Instead of only using white, grey, and black, try adding in a signature color. One bright color won’t overwhelm your design and brings more life and excitement to the card. A little color also helps your business card stand out from others. 

Another great attention grab is to include a call to action for your potential clients. Include a discount, a tip, or offer a free consultation if they give you a card. Make them feel like they are getting something special out of saving your card and contact information.


graphic designer“When designing your business card, keep it simple and be sure to keep basic design principles in mind.”


4. Use basic design principles.

Follow basic design principles when designing your business card. Some great tips to follow are:

  • Keep text away from the edges.
  • Keep your font use limited. Two fonts are usually all you need!
  • Use color appropriately. Don’t use too many. Make sure the colors look good together and use the same palette throughout. 
  • Legibility is important! Make sure your text is big enough to read and is clear.

5. Keep your business card updated.

Update your business card so you have a reason to pass it out again! You should update your card if you get any new certifications, start working for a new company or brokerage, or begin working in a new type of real estate. 

6. Get your card printed with My Marketing Matters!

Once you have your business card designed, go ahead and upload it to the My Marketing Matters on-demand print portal. Our portal allows you to get your business cards printed whenever you need them, at the click of a button. In the portal, you can choose the thickness of your card, the coating you want to use, and the turnaround time you need!

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