How to Compete with Agents in Your Farm


Stay successful in your farm, no matter how tough the competition.

The real estate industry has always been competitive. We’ve gathered five tips on how to compete with other agents in your farm to stay successful.  

Analyze the Competition

The first step to staying successful in your farm is by analyzing the competition. Check out the social profiles of your competitors, and look at their websites. Familiarize yourself with who they are, how they work, their specialty, and how they connect with their clients. The more you understand what they do, the better you will know how they connect with their community. You will also be able to see if there is a need that isn’t filled in the area. 


research“Check out the social profiles of your competitors, and look at their websites. Familiarize yourself with who they are.”


Fill a Niche

Once you’ve analyzed your competition and figured out what niche is open, work on filling it. This could be helping first-time homebuyers, or it could be more regular communications with potential clients. You may also find an opportunity to host or participate in community events, appraisals, or volunteer opportunities. 

Connect With the Community

Once you have your niche chosen, introduce, or reintroduce yourself to your farm. Send out postcards or brochures with your information. Consider signing up for Homelife, our direct mail marketing service, to reach an area with exclusivity. 

If your local guidelines allow for it, host an event to get to know the clients in your area. When people know you, they will be more likely to work with you. 

You can also send out Thanksgiving postcards using the customizable templates on our portal.

A great way to connect with the community is by marketing yourself as a neighborhood expert. For tips on how to become a neighborhood expert, check out ideas here. 


learning“Learning and growing as an agent will allow you to help your clients efficiently.”


Keep Learning

You can always learn more about the field you work in. The more you know, the better prepared you will be to help your clients. Look into taking a refresher course on real estate practices or take an online course on social media marketing. 

Another great way to keep learning is by networking with other agents in the industry. Look into joining Facebook and LinkedIn groups to stay up to date about best practices and swap ideas with other professionals.

Show off Your Expertise

The most important thing to do is to make sure your name is out there to give yourself a competitive advantage. Send out postcards or brochures with your information, and be sure to keep your social media profiles up to date. Share photos of homes you’ve sold, and share updates with your clients on your website or LinkedIn account. Ensure your information is easily accessible, so when people look for an agent, your name will be familiar and what shows up in the search results. 

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