How to Make Your Backyard Feel Like an Oasis

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Even though stay-at-home orders are lifting, there are still restrictions in place for restaurants, parks, and pools. While a getaway may be needed, some states still have a required quarantine in place when you arrive, and traveling may feel a little daunting. Just because you can’t fly to a beach or go to your favorite restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t participate in your favorite summer activities! 


tropical fruit“Pick up some tropical fruit from the grocery store for a refreshing snack! Try something new like dragon fruit or star fruit.”



If some time at the beach is what you need, consider setting up your patio for ultimate relaxation. Put on your favorite bathing suit, your biggest sun hat, and break out the blender. Frozen pineapple, mango, and other tropical fruits can be mixed into refreshing smoothies and slushies. If you need some new greenery and decor, try some potted ferns and flowers for a bright look that will be reminiscent of palm trees and hibiscus. Colorful lanterns and throw pillows will help sell the summer feel. 



Barbecues are a classic summer favorite. Try some new recipes, or make a salad with the vegetables growing in your quarantine garden. Have everyone in the family make their own dish so you can have a potluck feel. Don’t forget to make dessert, a peach cobbler or blueberry crumble will be very welcome. 

If you’re feeling up to it, you could even invite people over. If you have a big enough yard, you can continue to socially distance and order takeout, so everyone has their own meal. Staying six feet apart doesn’t feel as strange when you’re outside! 


table“Getting together with the family is a great way to spend warm summer nights.”



If a day at the pool sounds really nice right about now, you can set one up yourself! Get yourself an inflatable kiddie pool and some lawn chairs. Stick your feet in the water, break out a new beach read, and relax. Don’t forget to stock up on popsicles and ice cream treats for a summery afternoon snack. 



Outdoor movies are a staple of summer, and there’s no reason you can’t have one yourself. There are plenty of options for projectors and screens, and you may even have friends who will let you borrow theirs. Set up your screening area (maybe it’s a hanging sheet or a blank wall), bring out some blankets and pillows, and get comfortable. For the real movie experience, make popcorn with lots of butter and salt and pick up your favorite movie candy when you’re doing your weekly shop. 


open air movie“If you aren’t able to go to an outdoor movie showing, there’s no reason you can’t make your own!”



Nothing says summer like s’mores and campfire smoke. Set up a fire pit area by investing in a pit or by building your own. Get some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. If you feel like you want to mix it up, try using peanut butter cups or caramel-filled chocolate squares. You can even set bonfires up to be socially-distant, with households sitting on either side of the fire. Everyone can bring their own supplies, and you can enjoy a lovely summer night! 

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