How to Use Your Marketing to Tell a Story

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Real estate storytelling combines social media, videos, mailings, and emails to tell a story about a property, an area, or an agent. Storytelling is often seen as more authentic and personal than other forms of marketing. It is used as a genuine way to capture emotions, engage clients, and make your marketing more successful.

What type of story should you tell?

Personal stories are a great option. Clients want to know who you are as an agent and member of the community. The more they can relate, and the more they get to know you, the more trust they will have in you as an agent. There are many things you can mention about your personal life. Mention your family, your hobbies, and your interests. Talk about a vacation, dinner at a local restaurant, or a sporting event you attended. When telling a personal story, anything goes. Your goal is to get people to relate to you.


People want to know more about areas they might move to.


You can also tell a story about the community. The community is very important to home-buyers. They want to know all about the area where they might live. You can focus on what happens in the neighborhoods, what the schools are like, and what amenities exist. Talk about the history of the area, document all the local parks and playgrounds, or interview residents. Let home buyers know they are going to be living in a great community.

Tell a story about your business to promote your services. Talk about your brokerage, their goals, why they started, and what the culture is like there. Talk about yourself as an agent, how you work, your successes, and what it’s like to work with you. Just as clients want to know you as a person, it is equally important that they know you as a real estate agent so they can trust your work and services.

Lastly, you can use a story to promote a specific listing. Talk about the history of the property, the amenities, and the unique features. Use your marketing to attract buyers to the property.


Combine different story elements to engage your audience!


What should you include in your story?

To create a compelling story, it has to read well and be attractive. Our templates will help you bring your story to life. We have templates that will suit different types of stories and content, and can even help you design your own to fit a new kind of story.

Make sure you include eye-catching photos. Images are a great attention-grabber and will help break up any text you plan to add.

Videos are another great way to tell a story. You can create a video of a property to tell a story about your listing. “About Me” video to let clients know who you are. Keep your video at a couple of minutes to avoid making it too long. You can include the key property features in the video and have some text to accompany the video with more detailed information.

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