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Informed Delivery has been around for a few years now, and has over 20 million users. It’s making it easier for you to see what mail is headed your way. Informed Delivery is free to all residential addresses and customers and works in almost every ZIP code.


Before, the only estimate for delivery we had was 3-14 days for standard bulk postage, and 1-4 days for first class. While Informed Delivery is typically used to see what mail is going to be delivered to your house in the near future, you can actually use it to help figure out when your direct mail pieces are headed to the mailboxes of your potential clients. 

To use Informed Delivery to your advantage, all you have to do is add your own address to your mailing lists! By doing this, you will be able to see when the direct mail piece with your name and address is headed to your mailbox. This will give you a good indication of when the mailings will reach your clients.

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"Informed Delivery will help you monitor direct mail campaign delivery times by allowing you to keep track of when you receive your own marketing."

Once you sign up for Informed Delivery with the USPS, you’ll receive a daily email with scanned images of the mail headed to your mailbox. Seeding yourself in your mailing lists is useful for business mailings. It’s also helpful to see when other important documents you’re expecting will arrive at your house. You will also be able to view what packages are coming, too. Your daily email will only include up to ten images of the mail you’re expecting to receive that day. If you’re expecting more letters than that, you’ll be able to find the scanned images on your account dashboard. 

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