Preparing Your Clients to Sell During Winter


Use your expertise to prepare your clients for selling their homes this winter.

Selling houses is what you do best. Even though closing deals is your area of expertise, it can be trickier in the colder winter months. If your clients are considering selling this winter, here are five ways to help them prepare their home and their expectations.

1. Online listings are very common.

In the winter, people are more likely to look for their homes online than in-person. When people do come to tour your property, they will likely be more serious about buying it. During COVID-19, fewer open houses will also help keep your family safe and healthy.

Real Estate Research And Analysis“Online listings allow buyers to get a feel for the house while staying home.”


2. There will be fewer houses on the market.

When home supply is low, and demand is high, it is usually easier to sell. Fewer people sell their homes during the winter, making homes on the market even more desirable.

3. Sellers may receive fewer offers in the colder months, but the ones they do receive will be more serious.

Many people relocate for work at the beginning of the year, so new people will be looking to move into the area. These new residents will bring serious offers to the table. Also, with fewer open houses during the winter and fewer homes on the market, buyers looking for homes are often looking more seriously and will want to put in a great offer to secure the house for themselves.

Painting“Schedule home renovations for the winter, when contractors have more free time.”

4. Contractors are readily available.

If bathrooms need updating or appliances need replacing, winter can be a great time to complete the necessary repairs before selling your home. Because outdoor renovations are usually postponed until warmer weather, contractors tend to have time to complete in-home renovations.

5. Less landscaping is necessary.

It can be challenging for sellers to keep their gardens full of flowers and looking neat and put together all spring and summer. When you sell a house during the winter, less landscaping is necessary. Your clients will still need to rake leaves and keep walkways clear of snow and other debris, but this can usually be done quickly.

If COVID-19 is still impacting your area, we’ve also gathered some pandemic-specific moving tips here.

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