Selling a Home with (or without) a Bar

12 Cocktail Icons

Our living rooms are turning into our favorite neighborhood bars.

People are spending more time at home than ever before, and our habits are changing because of it. Even though bars and restaurants are open for business again, people are continuing to enjoy the benefits of making a nice cocktail or two in their own homes. 

Now that more of our Happy Hours and nights out are nights in, having a bar area set up in the home makes entertaining guests, or even just yourself, that much easier. 

Whether the home has a dedicated bar area or not, keep reading to learn how to highlight these areas when selling a house. 


bar cart“Be sure to look in expected and unexpected locations for a place to set up a bar cart or bar area.”



Finding a place to set up a dry bar

If a home already has a wet bar, it becomes an easy sell, and is easy to feature in your marketing. For those homes with only a dry bar or no bar at all, you can still mix it up to your advantage. 

If the home doesn’t have a built-in bar area, look for obvious spaces to temporarily add one. If the house doesn’t have that prominent spot, you can find the perfect space with a little creativity. 

Some key details to look for when finding a space for a dry bar are:

  • Proximity to the kitchen, to restock supplies or clean glasses
  • The flow of the area so it doesn’t block any doorways or paths 
  • A nook is a great, convertible space 
  • Accessibility to the entertaining spaces of the home 
  • Outlets are a must if you want to include a small fridge or cooler 

If you’re looking to get creative, you could even look for nooks or other counters or closets in unexpected home areas. 

A dry bar doesn’t have to be for alcohol, and making space for one in a bedroom can be a fun addition. You can also set up a coffee or tea bar. If potential buyers can picture themselves making a cup of coffee or a mug of tea and enjoying it in bed, it will add an air of luxury to the home. 

How to stage a bar

Once you decide where to set up your bar, it’s essential to include all the necessities, so it looks the part and is convincing. 

Try including

  • Different types of glasses, straws, and/or citrus fruit
  • A tray to arrange items
  • Lighting features 
  • Some bar-related artwork or prints 
  • A few drink options if you’re hosting an open house (if you aren’t able to serve alcohol, try setting out some sparkling water or teas) 

By making the area look the part, people will have an easier time picturing future events in their new home!


bar tools“Include bar tools and citrus fruits to make the bar area look the part.”




How to highlight the bar, or the idea of one

When a home has a built-in dry or wet bar, it becomes an easy thing to include in the home brochure. If you created the bar area yourself, be sure to have some pictures showing off the versatility of the space. Potential buyers like to see what will be possible in their new home. 

Some fun ways to highlight a bar area include:

  • A signature cocktail for the area the home is in
  • A closing gift of bar essentials, like nice glasses or a set of bar tools
  • Host a happy hour during the open house (If local regulations allow)

If you’re hosting a virtual home tour, be sure to show off the area, too. 

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