Using Mailing Campaigns Wisely

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In a time where technology is starting to dominate the world, the real estate industry is moving with it. Buyers find agents online and can pick out a home with the click of a button. Agents are marketing with social media, mass emails, and online ads. Through all of these new developments, mail campaigns remain a reliable and effective way to promote your business. 

What should you mail?

To send out a successful mail campaign, you have to grab your audience’s attention. You need to keep your content relevant, fresh, and intriguing. You can send out flyers with local events like concerts and food festivals, and talk about how they make the area an exciting place to live. Calendars and magnets are useful, and local sports schedules can be handy. People will often keep these to refer back to. Every time they refer back to these items, they will be reminded of you! This will help establish your connection with the community and emphasize your expertise in the area. 

You can also send offers for a glass of wine at an open house or a consultation. These offers will make your clients feel special and cared for. You can also send out information spotlighting a home that is listed lower than other homes in the neighborhood. A great offer will make it hard for clients to resist. 

If you’re thinking about hosting a neighborhood party or event, send out postcards to encourage prospective clients to join you at them! Events are a great way to network, meet new clients, and reconnect with past clients who may need your services again. 


woman with mail“Send something personable and fun to your clients. They will be more likely to work with you if they can relate to you and remember your name!”


To whom and when should you send your mailing campaigns?

Even with a thoughtfully conceived mail campaign, when you send it out and who your audience is can impact how effective it will be. 

Create subgroups of your target audience and send unique messages to each subgroup. By doing this, you won’t overwhelm any particular audience with too much mail. You can send a brochure of smaller or cheaper houses to prospects who live in an apartment or send tips for easy home renovations to prepare a house to be sold to current homeowners. 

How often you want to send your mail is entirely up to you and the needs of your client base, but a monthly mailing is an excellent way to stay recognizable and relevant with your target audience. 

The best time to advertise your services or listings is when house sales are rising, which typically is the spring and summer months. It’s best to start in February, ahead of the game, when sales begin to increase and continue through summer, while sales are still up. During the off-season, you should still send mail to keep in contact, but it can be less frequent. Holiday cards are a great way to reconnect with past and prospective clients to let them know that you are still around and still care, without pushing direct offers in their face. 


Home Message“Our Homelife program has successfully helped over 200 agents for ten years. Agents who have been in this program for several years attribute a large part of their success to their consistent mailing.”


The Takeaway

The most important thing to remember when starting a mailing campaign is to stay consistent. Whatever you send out, make sure it is fresh, relevant, and informative. Think less about the actual material that is on the card, although essential, and focus on your consistency. Keeping your face and your name in front of people will ensure that you will be the first person they think of when they go to buy or sell!

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