6 Reasons Direct Mail Marketing Helps You Stand Out

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Get your name in front of your clients and make an impression.

Direct mail marketing is a tried and true form of marketing for a good reason. 

Here are six practical reasons direct mail marketing is one of your best tools:

1. Direct Mail Gets Heard Above the “Noise”

While digital advertising can be useful, digital ads easily get lost in the noise of social media. Social media is full of quick interactions that often don’t leave a lasting impression. That means that potential clients are less likely to remember your name and face when looking for an agent.

Conversely, when you send someone a piece of mail, you will have their attention. Getting someone’s attention is one of the best ways to engage them and send a memorable message. 

The quiet moment of holding one of your ads in their hands leaves a lasting impression.



“Direct mail will be heard over the ‘noise’ of social media marketing. Take advantage of getting someone’s attention to share your message with them.”


2. Give Your Clients a Tangible Experience

Speaking of holding something tangible, your clients are sure to notice how the high-quality paper and print feel. There is something very satisfying about a nice piece of paper, and using high-quality print materials will emphasize your expertise in the area. 

The more you can show off your experience, the more clients will trust you to find their dream home.


3. Direct Mail Marketing is Less Common

Direct mail marketing used to be the go-to for marketing, but as social media grew in popularity, digital platforms took over. Because of this, direct mail marketing is once again a unique way to reach your client base. 

When you look to more unique advertising methods, you will stand out from the crowd and have a higher chance of being recognized and remembered.


4. Mail is Exciting

There’s just something fun about getting mail, especially when it’s good news. Learning that houses in the area are selling quickly is good news, especially if you happen to be thinking of selling your home.

Showing potential clients that you get the job done will increase their trust in you. People are more likely to keep mail with information that will be useful to them again in the future. 

People are also more likely to hold onto mail that will be useful to them again. 

TIP: Send a calendar of local events and people will hold on to it and see your name over and over again. 

This repetition will leave a lasting impression while giving potential clients a fun and useful piece of information.


write a letter“When possible, add a personal touch to your direct mail marketing campaigns. Your clients will appreciate it.”


5. Direct Mail Marketing Increases Your Brand Awareness

The more you interact with a group, the more likely they are to recognize you. Direct mail marketing gets your information in front of more people, increasing awareness of your services. 

The more people are familiar with your name, the more likely they will be to work with you in the future. That means that even if a client isn’t ready to buy or sell today, they’ll remember you when they are.


6. Add a Personal Touch

Try customizing your direct mail marketing campaigns with variable data. People appreciate seeing their names on the mailing because it is more personal. 

To add even more of a personal touch, try sending out some handwritten thank you notes to clients you have worked with recently. It takes more effort to write a thank you note, but people will notice that and appreciate it. 

If you’re looking for a quicker option for a personalized touch, you can also consider using a handwriting font on your printed materials. This will give the impression that the envelopes or content is handwritten, even if it was just a little time-saving trick you used!

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