6 Reasons Direct Mail Works

Direct Mail Marketing Works

Direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to reach potential clients.

Direct mail marketing has been a favorite of advertisers for many decades. It’s a relatively easy way to reach interested buyers and sellers and can be used to reach a broad audience. 

We’ve gathered six reasons why direct mail marketing works.

1. Direct mail is more memorable because it is tangible.


direct mail marketing“Using direct mail alongside digital marketing will create a well-rounded campaign.”


2. It stays in the home longer.

One downfall of digital marketing is how fast and fleeting the ad is. With direct mail marketing, people will interact with the content longer. MarketReach explains that direct mail will stay in a home for up to 17 days, instead of the seconds-long interactions people have with digital ads. The longer mail stays in someone’s home, the higher the chance of engagement.

3. Direct mail complements digital marketing.

Add a digital component to your direct mail marketing campaign using QR codes or PURLs (Personalized URLs). You can create a more well-rounded and personalized experience for your clients. 

You can use QR codes to take readers to a site detailing open house details or use PURLs to give users personalized information and offers. 

QR codes and PURLs will also allow you to keep track of how many people interact with your direct mail marketing pieces.

4. The My Marketing Matters List Manager allows you to target the right audience.

One of the most significant benefits of digital marketing and advertising is targeting the right audience. However, using direct mail marketing doesn’t mean you can’t target the right audience. 

Using the My Marketing Matters List Manager, you can access address lists across the country, combine multiple lists, and search by home types.


direct mail marketing“USPS offers Informed Delivery, so you can see your mail before it is in your mailbox.”


5. Use Informed Delivery to your advantage.

USPS offers Informed Delivery, so you can see your mail before it is in your mailbox. While usually used to see what mail you are receiving, you can also see when mail will get to your clients with this easy trick. 

If you start seeding yourself in your mailing lists, when your direct mail pieces show up in your Informed Delivery preview, you can assume that they will be arriving at the homes of your clients, too. 

For more information on how to use Informed Delivery to your advantage, check out our tips.

6. Direct mail marketing has a high ROI and response rate.

Social and digital media marketing can be a cheap way to reach your target audience. However, Marketing Charts explains that direct mail has an ROI comparable to digital marketing and advertising. 

Having a comparable ROI to other marketing forms means that you’re making good use of your marketing dollars, helping you effectively reach clients. 

Marketing Charts also details how marketing campaigns involving direct mail marketing can expect response rates higher than those without.

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