7 Ways to Expand Your Network and Capture More Leads


The start of the new year is a great time to focus on growing your business with smart marketing techniques.

No matter how business is going, it’s always helpful to take some time to expand your network of clients. We’ve gathered seven ways to do just that. 

1. Attend virtual conferences and events.

One of the best ways to network is to go out and talk to people. Conferences and events may skew towards the virtual right now, but they still offer the opportunity to connect with new people. 

Think about your target clients and areas, and use those to help guide you towards the right events, gatherings, and groups.


Network2“Spend time maintaining your website, attending virtual events, and keeping your social media profiles up to date.”


2. Make a professional website.

Often, a  potential client’s first impression of you will be your website. Make sure your website is straightforward, clean, and easy to navigate. A site that is easy to navigate will make a good impression, while sites with a confusing user experience will reflect poorly. 

Incorporate design trends that will ensure your website is accessible on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Include a call to action on your site, encouraging visitors to your site to send you a message or sign up for your emails. This will make it easier to connect with them again in the future.

3. Use social media to make a first impression.

Like having a polished website, your presence on social media will also help make the first impression. Use your social media profiles to show off your skills, niche in the real estate market, and who you are as an agent. Keep your message consistent across your profiles to maintain your brand. 

When deciding which social platforms are best for you, take a look at your primary client base. For example, older generations are more likely to use Facebook, while millennials entering the home buying market may be on Instagram. Create content that will engage your clients and highlight your listings. 

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4. Encourage and ask for referrals.

Referrals are a great way to expand your network. New clients are much more likely to use you if referred by trusted friends, colleagues, and family. You can gain these referrals by offering referral bonuses, maintaining good relationships with your clients, and by simply requesting them.


Network3“Use SEO techniques to make it easier for clients to find you when searching for an agent.”


5. Get your business card out there.

Business cards are a quick and easy way to get your name out there. Ask local businesses if you can leave your business cards at the counter. Give some to family and friends to pass out. Mail them out to houses in your area. 

6. Use farming to your advantage.

Farming is one of the most common methods to gain clients. It can involve direct mail, knocking on doors, emails, newsletters, or any form of advertising. Before you start, figure out your audience. It can be a geographic area or a target demographic. Learn about the area and the people and choose your message to suit them. Make yourself the go-to agent in your area.

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7. Use Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique to get more traffic to your website by showing up higher on search engine results. To do so, you need to use keywords, titles, and links throughout your website and make sure your site is running well. There are a great many factors that go into SEO. 

Some useful tools for improving your site’s ranking are:

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