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Our updated My Marketing Matters site has launched! Here at My Marketing Matters, we pride ourselves on offering cutting edge print technology to our clients. So, to keep up with our goal of staying up-to-date with our technologies, we’ve updated our website! Keep reading to learn about 9 of the new and updated features on […]


7 Ways You Can Contribute to The Community and Support Local Businesses As a Real Estate Agent Lily Lebowitz As a real estate agent, you are a representative of your area. Not only is it your responsibility to take care of your community, but doing so will help you gain a better reputation and show […]

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My Marketing Matters is very excited to launch our new online ordering platform.  The new portal makes ordering a lot easier by allowing you to – Upload your own designs and see the proof immediately. Customize designs online with auto-fill contact information and see updates in real-time. Create, edit, and maintain custom mailing lists online. […]