COVID-19 Increases Demand for Single-Family Homes


As people look for more space, interest in single-family homes increases.

Interest in single-family homes is rising due to COVID-19. Staying home is the new normal, and people in apartments or condos may feel cramped. Single-family homes in the suburbs, and even further out, are more in demand than ever.

The desire for these spaces has increased the interest in single-family homes and the construction of them. According to Bloomberg, construction rates for single-family homes is the highest it has been in 13 years. 

As demand continues to rise, owners of single-family homes looking to downsize or move locations will hopefully get lots of offers on their current homes. While demand is high, you still need to market these amenities to get buyers interested and the best price for your clients.

Check out our tips on how to sell single-family homes below:

Kitchen Space

People have been encouraged to stock up on groceries, and extra time at home has inspired many to cook and bake more. A kitchen with counter space to whip up batches of banana bread muffins is a must. Storage is also increasingly important, with more cabinet space to stock up on snacks and shelf-stable goods to limit trips to the grocery store. 

How to sell it: Highlight recently updated appliances and cabinet space.


Outdoor Spaces

Single-family homes usually have easier access to the outdoors than apartments in the city. Whether it be a porch to eat lunch on, some lounge chairs in the backyard to read, or a lawn to do some at-home workouts, it’s a win-win. You can get into gardening, host a socially-distant gathering, or catch fireflies at night. Outdoor spaces help your overall mental health and make your living spaces feel more substantial. 

How to sell it: Add potted plants and Adirondack chairs to make the space welcoming. 

Home Offices

Many predict that working from home is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future, and people want a designated space to work. Maintaining a work-life balance while everyone is home is increasingly important, so having room to work efficiently spread out, and focus is necessary. With a home office, you are still able to “go to work” every morning and “come home” to the rest of the house at the end of the day! 

How to sell it: Set up a home office area in a less-trafficked space.

Room for Kids

Kids love to have space to play, run, and learn. In a single-family home, the options for kids are endless. You can use space as a playroom or an at-home classroom for distance learning. Giving kids the freedom to do their thing will help keep them happy and healthy and make it easier for adults to work from home to focus and get their work done. 

How to sell it: Play up the benefits of giving kids their own spaces.


home office“Having more space is a luxury these days. With all the time spent at home, buyers want privacy and space to live their lives comfortably.”



Taking the elevator up to your apartment wasn’t always a big deal. However, now that households are supposed to limit contact with others, not worry about shared stairwells, parking areas, lobbies, and mailrooms is a plus. In a single-family house, you can also have more separation from your neighbors, giving you more privacy all around, making it easier to focus on your work. 

How to sell it: Show off how the neighborhood will allow buyers to have more privacy from their neighbors.


It can be hard to stay home when you have to leave your apartment to do your laundry. If you live in a house with a laundry machine or a laundry room, you no longer have to worry about leaving home to do laundry. There is less stress knowing that you can do laundry in the safety of your own home, whenever you need to. 

How to sell it: Highlight the health benefits and convenience of not sharing laundry rooms with other households. 

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