COVID-19 Moving Tips

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This pandemic has many people reconsidering where they want to live and many others are in the process of completing moves they may have had planned for months now! Life does still go on, so here are a few tips to give your clients to make moving during a pandemic a little easier. 

Top 10 COVID-19 Moving Tips

1. Pack efficiently 

While it’s always a good idea to label boxes so it’s clear what’s inside and where it should go, it’s even more important now. Accurately labeling boxes will help the moving process go even smoother. Also, be sure to tell your clients not to pack cleaning supplies accidentally! They should keep cleaning supplies in a tote bag or another easily-accessible container so they can clean and disinfect as they go as well as a deep cleaning session at the end. 

2. Keep clean

Keeping the home and belongings clean will help keep movers healthy. Lots of different people may be handling their things, so keeping them clean is good for everyone. Better yet, offer a cleaning service as a “freebie” as part of your services. This can be carried on after covid times as well.


“Keep your cleaning essentials accessible and make sure you clean your new home before unpacking!”


3. Choose your movers carefully

It’s essential to choose a company that will be flexible, respectful, and sanitary. Your clients are going to want to work with a company that is protecting their employees and their clients. Ask what precautions they’re taking and ask if they are willing to take on more precautions if that’s something your clients may need to feel comfortable.

4. Get a virtual quote

Instead of having moving companies come to your client’s home to give a quote, they can ask to do it virtually. Video calls are an excellent way for movers to see furniture and get an idea of how much work it will take without them needing to enter the home until the day of the move. 

5. Have everyone wash their hands 

Your clients can request that movers wash their hands when they arrive and periodically throughout the day. They can put hand sanitizer by the door and disinfect a bathroom for them to use if needed. 

6. Clean your new home

Before you start unpacking in your new home, clean it thoroughly! While it will be tempting to start unpacking immediately, you need to make sure it’s clean and safe for your family. You can also offer to get their new house cleaned, instead, as a closing gift.

7. Ask about rescheduling 

Since life is so changeable right now, have your clients ask about the moving company’s policy on rescheduling. They may decide they need to wait before they move, or local restrictions may change.


“Ask the movers to wear masks to prevent the spread of germs.”


8. Be transparent and open to communication

Make sure your clients can have open and honest conversations with the moving company about their policies. The lines of communication need to stay open, so if someone becomes sick, there is a plan in place. 

9. Do it yourself

It’s not a bad idea to suggest to clients that they move on their own. If it’s a smaller move and they feel up to it, they can always decide to handle the move on their own! Handling the move on their own will limit the people they are exposed to and will allow them to keep their social-distancing bubble small and healthy. 

10. Donate 

To make the process of moving a little easier and do some good in the community, look into donating belongings you no longer need! When there’s less to pack, the move will take less time, and lightly-used items will most likely be very welcome at donation centers. While cleaning out kitchens and shelves, people may also find shelf-stable goods they no longer need, and food pantries can always use more donations! Make sure to check with local organizations for their hours, information about what can be donated, and if they’re accepting donations. 

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