How to Leverage the My Marketing Matters Portal for Your Growing Business

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We built our marketing portal to simplify your workflow. Learn how to make it work for you.

We purpose-built our marketing portal to be your one-stop-shop for effective, customized direct mail marketing campaigns and your growing business. Whether you’re looking to reach your current farm more frequently or just get your name out there, our portal will help you reach your goals. 

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

The My Marketing Matters portal has customizable templates ready to be tailored to fit your marketing needs. You can customize your marketing pieces and see the proofs right away. Our templates allow you to:

  • Add your own photos
  • Change your contact information
  • Choose your audience

Gone are the days of waiting to get your proofs approved, going to get them printed and mailing them yourself. Saving time saves you money, giving you the time to focus on selling homes and closing deals.


business idea“As soon as you have an idea, templates can be customized, and your marketing can be in the mail. Save time, save money!”


In fact, for orders under 2,000 pieces, our average turnaround time is 1-2 business days. Your marketing pieces are out the door, in the mail, and promptly in your customers’ hands. 

If you need to know when your marketing pieces are getting delivered, look into how to seed yourself in your mailing lists with this Informed Delivery trick.

2. Reach Your Target Audience

Our map tool allows you to create a mailing list that fits your specific marketing goals and needs. Our map and mailing list tools enable you to:

  • Easily choose a new farm to target 
  • Advertise to a particular neighborhood
  • Pick home types to target 

Being able to target specific locations and potential clients lets you create marketing materials that fit your needs and goals, making your direct mail marketing more effective and more likely to generate leads.

With our easily customizable templates, it’s even easier to send different mailings to each list, giving all of your potential customers a personalized and appropriate piece of mail. 


target audience“Reach your target audience easily with our map tool. Sending direct mail marketing to a specific group will increase how effective it is.”


3. Increase Your Visibility

Customized mail pieces, specific mailing lists, and quick turnaround times all help increase your visibility. 

On-demand marketing materials work on your schedule. As soon as you realize you need a new set of direct mail marketing pieces sent out, you can customize them using our templates and get them sent out. It’s easier to get your name in front of more people than ever before. 

If you’re looking for another excellent way to increase your visibility, our Homelife program is a great tool. Homelife is a monthly newsletter sent to your clients with your information, continuing to keep you at the front of their minds when they need an agent. This product also includes neighborhood exclusivity, meaning that you will be the only agent targeting a specific area with Homelife each month. 

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