This Pandemic Is Making Us Stronger

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The current pandemic has changed our lives in so many unimaginable ways. We’ve had to alter how we socialize, work, and go about our day-to-day lives. We’ve had to give up many of our favorite things. However, in the midst of all the uncertainty and change, we’re also becoming stronger and more resilient. We’re finding new ways to lead our lives, interact with our friends and family, and we’re coming up with great ideas left and right. 

6 Ways This Pandemic Is Making Us Stronger

1. The ability to pivot

One of the biggest lessons this pandemic has taught us is how to pivot. We’ve had to completely change the way we do business. Many of us are working from home and are having to find ways to maintain a work-life balance. We are creating our own schedules, finding new ways to be productive, and are quickly learning how to use new services to provide our clients with the reliable help they need while looking for homes. 


“We’re learning how to be productive in new ways, how to motivate ourselves and coworkers, and how to get the job done!”


2. Gaining a competitive advantage

Agents who’ve pivoted to video calls, virtual home tours, and online closings have a competitive advantage right now. It shows that they’re ready to face any challenges that come up during the buying and selling process! 


3. Helping the environment and ourselves

Since many people are working from home and traveling less, the environment is getting a break. Cutting down on daily commutes and air travel is helping make the earth a little healthier. People are also spending more time outside in nature, which has many health benefits and helps us all appreciate the outdoors more!


4. Becoming more compassionate

This pandemic is bringing out positive traits in humanity. We are becoming more compassionate and showing more kindness towards the people in our lives. We’re reaching out to neighbors to help them pick up groceries and other items, we’re sending letters to friends, and we’re taking more time to be with the people closest to us.


“Yoga is a great way to relax and get some easy exercise at home.”


5. Finding new hobbies

We now have the time to focus on new hobbies and activities we’ve always wanted to try. People have started baking, gardening, reading, and crafting more than ever before. By taking up new hobbies, we are learning how we can get joy from new places in our lives. 


6. Family time

We’ve found ourselves with more time to spend at home. This time at home is helping us reconnect with our families. We’re taking on those new hobbies together, watching movies together, and learning new things about each other. While it’s still a bummer we can’t go out as often, the family time is more priceless than anything else!

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