Understanding the USPS Mover’s Guide & Tips for an Easier Move

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Help keep the moving process as stress-free for your clients as possible.

When your clients are in the process of moving into their new home, there are plenty of details they need to keep track of. It can help remind them of a few things, especially one as simple as changing their address with the USPS. 

Changing an address is a relatively simple process and can be completed online. USPS will only charge up to $1.06 or so for the address service change, depending on if you fill out the forms online or in person. 

Some companies seem to offer address change services for up to $40 or more and claim to make a simple process simpler. However appealing these services may look, you must change your address with USPS directly not with a second-party system. Working directly with USPS is the only way to ensure the changes to your address are made. 


“Moving is stressful. These tips can help keep your clients as happy and stress-free as possible.”



Once your clients update their address with USPS, they will receive the Mover’s Guide, which includes coupons for moving and other helpful services during the transition between one house and the other. 

Click here to visit the USPS website to change an address.

Click here to learn more about the USPS Mover’s Guide. 

After the process of updating their address is completed and they have their coupons, it’s time to start packing! 

Here are a few surprising moving and packing tips that will make the process as stress-free as possible!

1. Pack a “vacation bag.”

You aren’t going on vacation, but if you pack the clothes and essentials you will need for moving week the same way you would pack for a trip, it will help keep what you will need in one convenient place. This eliminates the stress of not knowing where your essentials are. 


moving“Label all of your boxes so you and your movers know where everything belongs!”


2. Label everything!

Speaking of not knowing where things are, label your boxes! If you aren’t using cardboard boxes, write labels on painters tape. By tagging your boxes, it will be apparent to movers what room they go in, and it will be clear what to unpack first.

3. Keep cleaning supplies accessible.

Keeping your cleaning supplies accessible makes it easy to clean your old home and tidy up the new one. This way, if a spot got missed, you can jump in with your supplies and get it sorted right away.

4. Make a schedule.

Start packing the rooms in your house on a schedule. Start by packing up the least used rooms, and then start on the area you use the most, like the kitchen and bathroom.

5. Donate, donate, donate.

Moving is a great time to get rid of things! If you’ve outgrown clothing, gotten enough use out of your children’s toys, or find some soup cans you just aren’t going to eat, donate them. Check with local organizations to see when they are accepting items. Some groups will even come directly to your home to pick them up. 

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