Winterize Your “Farming”


Keep your leads warm even as it turns colder.

With COVID precautions in place across most of the country, outdoor gatherings and warm weather this summer and fall have made it relatively easy to stay in touch with your clients and help them buy and sell homes. As the weather cools down, outdoor events are no longer an option.

To help you stay in touch with your clients through the winter months, here are a few options:

1. Virtual home tours

During COVID times, limiting the amount of people at an open house is necessary. By hosting a virtual home tour, you will be able to show the house to potential buyers while everyone can stay safely in their homes. If the clients are interested in getting more information about the listing, you can look into a private showing for them.


virtual meeting“Virtual meetings are great way to stay connected to your clients from the safety of your homes.”


2. Send a holiday gift

The holidays are almost here, making it a great time to send a thank you to the clients you’ve worked with this year. Look into sending them a coupon for a free coffee at a local coffee shop. You may also opt to send them a gift basket with the fixings for fun hot chocolate or a movie night.

My Marketing Matters also offers curated holiday gifts and baskets. Contact our customer service team for more information.

3. Sign up for Homelife

One of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your clients is by sending them regular mailings. To streamline this process, sign up for Homelife! Homelife will send out a monthly newsletter to your farm with your information on it. This gives you extra time to focus on selling homes!

Contact us for more details, and to learn about neighborhood exclusivity and the nine product lines we offer. 


food delivery“Send lunch to your clients for them to enjoy during a virtual meeting to discuss their plans for buying and selling.”


4. Virtual Q&As for buyers and sellers

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your farm, host a virtual question and answer session. Answer commonly asked questions about buying or selling homes in your area, and give clients the time to ask you questions. Encourage them to set up one-on-one meetings if they have more specific questions about their individual needs.

5. Send them lunch

Since lunch meetings aren’t as doable when cold weather gets in the way of outdoor dining, consider sending delivery to your client’s home. Order from the same restaurant for yourself, and have them jump on a virtual meeting with you! This way, you can both enjoy lunch together and discuss business, real estate, and whatever else!

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