What Social Media Platforms Should You Use?

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Social media gives businesses the power to reach out to their clients and advertise to new ones. In the real estate industry, having a social media presence is a necessity. With so many social media platforms to choose from, getting started might seem daunting. While over one hundred social media apps exist, we’re going to […]

How to Make Your Backyard Feel Like an Oasis

Pillow On Sofa Furniture Decoration Outdoor Patio

Even though stay-at-home orders are lifting, there are still restrictions in place for restaurants, parks, and pools. While a getaway may be needed, some states still have a required quarantine in place when you arrive, and traveling may feel a little daunting. Just because you can’t fly to a beach or go to your favorite […]

Use Direct Mail to Stand Out

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It wasn’t too long ago when direct mail began overwhelming people and became the conventional way to reach potential customers and clients. As social media began to gain users from all age groups all over the world, digital marketing became the new way to advertise your business. While marketing on social media can still be […]