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It wasn’t too long ago when direct mail began overwhelming people and became the conventional way to reach potential customers and clients. As social media began to gain users from all age groups all over the world, digital marketing became the new way to advertise your business. While marketing on social media can still be helpful, direct mail is making a major comeback. 

People are appreciative of relevant direct mail pieces, and with the increased time at home, people have the time to review what they are receiving in their mailboxes. Improved mailing lists, fresh templates, customizable pieces, and a refreshing break from screens are all advantageous for your direct mail campaigns! 


email“People will appreciate personal, helpful, and relevant mail.”


Better lists

Our comprehensive list manager allows you to create new lists and easily integrates your do-not-mail lists. Our proprietary technology enables you to combine multiple mailing lists and remove duplicates and bad addresses, allowing you to create the most accurate list possible.

Our new portal allows you to save these lists to be used and edited repeatedly, making it even easier for you to reach the right audience. You can create lists for your current farm, areas you may be interested in working in, or around a property in an area you just sold – let their neighbors know you can sell in their area! 

New templates

We release new templates regularly to help keep your marketing pieces fresh and relevant. Relevant mail will be better received, as it will provide your clients with information they can use to find a new home, sell their current one, or get to know you and the community you serve. Our templates can be used to advertise an event, your services, houses you’ve just sold in a neighborhood, or even just a card to say hello. If you don’t see a template that fits your needs, you can talk to our team about getting a custom template designed! 


sending mail“With all the time people spend online, mail is becoming a way to stand out again.”


Customizable pieces

Our new portal allows you to customize your direct mail pieces, making it even easier to send mail to your customers. Direct mail campaigns used to be full of back and forth between you and designers, but with our new platform you can do it all yourself. By customizing and updating templates to your needs, it saves you time and lessens the turnaround time, putting your advertisements in the hands of your clients even quicker! 

A refreshing break from screens

People spend so much time online that mail is becoming a welcome break from all the noise. Even though the idea of sending a postcard with information on recently sold properties in someone’s area is not new, that information won’t be surrounded by other ads, status updates, and posts from other people, as it would be on social media. This will allow people to absorb the information and look at something tangible. Giving people the time and space to read and consider your advertisements will make them even more effective. They are also more likely to look at your postcard for longer, and more frequently than they would if they just scrolled by your ad on social media. The more they gain from your marketing pieces, the more likely they will be to work with you in the future! 

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