The 5-W’s of Influencer Marketing for Real Estate Agents

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Wondering if influencer marketing is worth exploring? While you’ve probably written blogs, posted on social media and have executed plenty of email campaigns, influencer marketing might be uncharted territory for you as a real estate agent. Now is a great time to tap into a new resource for leads and exposure as influencer marketing promises a direct route to new clients.

But before you dive into the world of all things influencer, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of this strategy so that you can find the right approach for your business.

Why consider influencers as a part of your real estate marketing strategy?

Everyone has a different impression of influencers. Some people immediately have visions of models or reality stars selling random products or showing off vacation spots. The term “influencer” can come with some baggage, but don’t let the stereotype get in the way of an effective outreach method. Influencers help you reach their followers in an authentic, organic way that mere ads can’t.

Since influencers have already gained the trust of their followers, they provide a warmer way to connect with viewers over social media. More and more brands are turning to social media influencers and user-generated content (USG) which is more raw and authentic than polished promotional ads.

Who should you choose as a real estate agent for influencer marketing?

As a real estate agent, your clientele is most likely based in a specific geographic area and you’re focused on a region. Nano-influencers are those who have fewer than 10,000 followers and many of these are locally focused on a unique area. Local influencers can be the perfect fit for real estate agents because their followers will most likely also be local residents.

When deciding on an influencer to work with, it’s best to try to match with someone who reflects the ideals and values of your ideal client. For instance, if you’re looking for first time buyers, maybe a younger Gen Z influencer would be a good fit. Or if you’re targeting a more mature, luxury clientele, an older influencer, perhaps a foodie, a golf expert, or style influencer may be a better match.

What type of content should influencers create with real estate agents?

Although you might have an influencer or two in mind, the next question will be: what content should they create? Articulating your needs with a clear plan for the type of content you want will ensure that you receive the outcome you were hoping for. It’s important to communicate things you want them to talk about as well as no-go areas, so that the process is clear and efficient.

You can expect to primarily focus on video content with the influencer of your choosing, but don’t overlook images as well. Topics that can be discussed include:

  • Buying tips
  • Home spotlights
  • Neighborhood tours
  • Educational content

You can also brainstorm ideas that are more tailored to the account’s theme or popular topics.

Goals for influencer content don’t necessarily need to be direct leads. So you don’t have to go too heavy on self-promotion. Instead, maybe an influencer campaign is simply piquing the viewers’ interest so that they check out your account and potentially follow you.

When can real estate agents benefit from influencer collaborations?

There are countless times when an influencer collaboration could be beneficial. During a slower season perhaps you’d want to consider an affiliate partnership where influencers could receive a small referral bonus for bringing in direct leads. In busy times of the year, an influencer could promote a house you are marketing with a video tour. During holiday seasons and special times of the year you could collaborate on contests, giveaways or philanthropic pursuits. Think of your brand awareness and you will probably come up with many ideas throughout the year.

Where can you find influencers for real estate marketing?

First, you should consider what platform you’re looking to gain traction on. Each social media channel will have different influencers who specialize in content for that specific channel. While TikTok and Instagram may share similar influencers, if you’re looking more to reach users on Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll want to specifically find influencers on these channels.

You can search each platform and see who is popular and active on local channels. Although there are some agents and directories online, you can do free searching on the platforms themselves to find influencers. Before deciding on an influencer for your real estate content, it’s best to review some of their other posts and see how they managed their brand collaborations and sponsored content. This is extremely important because it will give key insight into what your content may potentially be.

Beyond traditional influencers, you may also find it helpful to scope out the profiles of your past satisfied clients, who may have a robust following of their own. While not formal influencers, they offer an authentic and budget-friendly strategy for creating UGC content and posts that document their home journey. Think how fun it would be to do a short series of “how-to” videos on home improvement with a client who recently closed on a home with you. Not only is there a low-barrier to entry to this type of content, it can come off as very authentic as well as entertaining.

Influencer marketing is now a standard part of a well-rounded outreach strategy. By leveraging the influence and trust of local content creators, you can tap into a new audience and forge bonds that are much harder to create when it’s just you with your smartphone and ring light.

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