Should You Start a Real Estate Podcast? Amplify Your Brand and Attract Clients

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Considering producing a real estate podcast? Real estate is all about standing out from the crowd. And while most real estate agents today have a social media presence, far fewer have ventured into podcasting. That doesn’t mean it’s not a popular medium. In 2024 there are around three million active podcast channels to listen to. […]

Google’s Helpful Content Update: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Local SEO Success

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Google’s search algorithm can feel like navigating a constantly changing maze. If you’re a busy real estate agent, this can be particularly challenging given everything else on your plate. Just when you think you may have mastered the art of local SEO, Google throws a curveball – the Helpful Content Update. These changes began in […]

The 5-W’s of Influencer Marketing for Real Estate Agents

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Wondering if influencer marketing is worth exploring? While you’ve probably written blogs, posted on social media and have executed plenty of email campaigns, influencer marketing might be uncharted territory for you as a real estate agent. Now is a great time to tap into a new resource for leads and exposure as influencer marketing promises […]

Quality vs. Quantity Blogs in the AI Era

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Artificial intelligence (AI) assisted writing tools like ChatGPT and Bard offer the ability to churn out content like never before. In less than a minute, one of these tools can have an article blasted onto the page that would normally take a human several hours to craft. The possibilities seem limitless. On any given day […]

The Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing for real estate agents is an essential tool in the toolbox of methods to stay in contact with current and past clients. Not only does it keep you top of mind when a contact needs real estate help, but it can also brand you as an authority, giving you another way to share […]

10 Tips for Creating a Successful Referral Program for Real Estate Agents

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Real estate referrals might not be the lifeblood of a successful real estate business, but they certainly do fuel an agent’s ability to thrive and grow their career. According to the National Association of Realtors, 36% of sellers followed a referral from a family member or friend when choosing their agent. That’s a powerful number […]

The Art of Appearance: Why It Matters for Real Estate Agents

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In the world of real estate, first impressions matter. Before words are exchanged or properties are showcased, there’s a silent conversation that occurs – one based on appearance. As a real estate agent, how you present yourself plays a significant role in your professional journey. But that doesn’t mean you need to wear a corporate […]