The Best and Worst Promotional Items for Realtors: Making Informed Investments

Antoni Shkraba /

  Real estate agents rely on promotional items more than most independent businesses. Because real estate agents need to brand themselves to stand out from the crowd, promo gifts can help  build this brand recognition and foster client loyalty. Items, like t-shirts, notepads and bottle openers, serve as tangible reminders of a realtor’s services, creating […]

6 Blog Topics That Will Make Writing Easier

Blog Topics For Real Estate Agents

    Are you a real estate agent struggling to come up with fresh and engaging topics for your real estate blog? Then you’re in the right place. As a real estate professional, you know the importance of maintaining an active and informative blog. It helps attract new clients and establishes you as a local […]

Virtual Staging Rules to Follow for Real Estate Agents

Try Virtual Staging

  Curious about virtual staging? In today’s competitive real estate market, first impressions happen in a millisecond online, or more specifically, on a phone. Potential buyers make quick decisions based on how a property is presented online, and high-quality visuals can significantly impact their perception of a property. Physically staging a home can be a […]

Real Estate Agents, Here’s How to Effectively Carve Out Vacation Time

Carve Out Vacation Time As A Real Estate Agent

    Real estate agents are known for their busy schedules and long working hours, leaving little time for personal life, let alone vacation time. However, taking a break from work and carving out vacation time is essential to prevent burnout, prioritize mental health, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.   Here we’ll discuss practical […]

What Can a Real Estate Do About an Endless Buyer?

How To Handle An Endless Buyer

Filter So There’s Never an Issue Agents can have a tendency to focus on proactivity. You make the calls, you initiate contact, you reach back out when you haven’t heard from a potential client. These habits help with client retention and building a strong base. But there is a place for testing out a potential […]

How to Set Better Boundaries with Your Real Estate Clients

Navigating The Maze Of Realtor Life

  Setting boundaries with your real estate clients, it’s one of the toughest gray areas of real estate. For some agents it comes easy, but for many agents there never feels like there’s an off switch on your role as agent. Unlike most jobs, real estate agents have one of the most fluid jobs without […]

Ways to Handle a Challenging Market 

Ride the waves of the real estate market

Every agent who has been in the industry for more than a year has experienced the ebbs and flows of market changes. Market fluctuations aren’t a troublesome occurrence, they’re a constant. And although everyone wants to be an agent when the market is in flames, the most successful long term agents are those who can […]

Goal Setting for Real Estate Agents in the New Year

Real estate goals for the New Year

  Are you a real estate agent who needs a little help setting better goals? The new year is the perfect time for goal setting. However, use the steps below any time of year to get back on track and focused. By having a set of attainable goals created, you can have a better way […]

Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2023

Resolutions for your real estate business

  2023 is soon to be upon us and as a real estate agent, you might be ready for a digital marketing refresh. Here are some ideas for how to market online better in the new year. 1. Repurpose Content Let’s make 2023 the year of less work with more results. Does that sound like […]

The 6 Must-Do End of Year Regroup Steps

Real Estate Agent End Of Year Recap

‘Tis the season for regrouping and strategizing. We all know that December is a pretty slow month when it comes to home sales. That said, with all of the family events and holiday parties to attend, the month can still quickly fly by.   This is a key time to reassess and plan for the […]