Create the Pitch Deck Every Home Seller Wants to See

Create the Perfect Pitch Deck

Making a presentation to potential sellers is easier with a strong pitch deck that you can lean on and leave behind. Whether you’re printing up a presentation packet to hand out in person or sending it along as an email follow-up, your pitch deck is an essential tool that sells who you are and what you stand for. It’s all the important information your potential seller will need.

As the market becomes increasingly more competitive, it’s important to do all that you can to set yourself apart. A cleanly-designed, well-written professional pitch deck is an easy step that will be an investment in your marketing for years to come.

Create a Striking First Impression with Your Pitch Deck

Your opening pages should set the mood and convey a tone without too much typed copy. Here’s where to let your best photos shine. Don’t have any awesome photos that you can use for your pitch deck? No problem. There are plenty of free and paid options for stock photos. So choose something that truly conveys in visual form what your personal brand stands for.

A Los Angeles residential realtor for example might feature a sun-washed palm-tree sky that subtly conveys luxury while a Dallas condo realtor might show the jaw-dropping views in the backdrop to a gorgeous living room. You know first impressions matter and the right image can instantly capture someone’s attention. Use this marketing know-how for your own presentation.

Get Personal with Your Real Estate Agent Marketing

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We all know people buy from people. So within the first few pages, make sure you give a warm introduction to who you are. Don’t smother your bio in too many statistics, instead, let your personality shine. Include a photo that sends the right message and keep your bio to just a few paragraphs (you don’t need to include a resume here).

Address What Home Sellers Prioritize

How will you sell my home fast and for the highest price? That’s what every seller wants to know. So use your real estate pitch deck to answer that question. Detail your process for selling across several pages. This could include how you stage a home, your approach to open houses and your networking capabilities. Then be sure to explain how you attract interest with your marketing strategies. Don’t skip over the obvious! From postcards to photographing the home, make each step in your marketing toolkit look as exciting and effective as you know it can be.

Your Agent Pitch Deck for Sellers Should Be User-Friendly

Make your pitch deck easy-to-read and skimmable. That means more infographics and less long paragraphs. Every page should include a graphic or a photograph. Make certain titles for each slide are very specific and cover one topic at a time. This isn’t the time to overwhelm with information. Think of each page as one topic with three to five supporting thoughts for that topic.

Draw on the Strength of Your Team

Talk up the power of your team. Whether it’s national or local numbers, you can share the power of the people you work with. Of course, always make sure your information is 100% accurate, so only list tools and figures that you’ll be able to utilize for your sellers if they do choose to work with you. This can include your brokerage’s digital and print reach, analytics technology and databases.

Don’t Go it Alone

Some agents will want to create their pitch deck themselves. They know exactly what they want to say and how they want it to look. But you could just as easily outsource this task to professionals. Now more than ever, it’s easy to find freelance writers and graphic designers. Not only will they help increase the odds of creating a high quality package, but outsourcing will also save you time. And as we all know, time is one of the most valuable resources we have.


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