Does Your Online Presence Show Off Your Real Estate Skills?

Your Online Presence

If you’re a real estate agent, you should be googling yourself routinely to monitor your online presence. When you do, are the results making you say “This is an agent I need to work with!” If not, there’s plenty of steps you can take to improve your online presence. Below is a quick checklist to give you a guide to all of the opportunities for greater exposure.

Who Do You Want to Be?

Who Do You Want To Be Online

Before taking action, take a moment to self-reflect on your brand and what it stands for. Since your career evolves, it’s helpful to do this on a yearly basis. What are the three things you want to be known for when someone finds you online?

What impression do you want to create? Don’t try to be someone you’re not. That’s exhausting and won’t bring out your best. The online world allows you to amplify what you most want to get attention. Combine your unique personality with your target market, location and niche areas of expertise for a solid brand.

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose Content

The key is in repurposing content for a variety of platforms. This not only exponentially saves time, but it also gives you a consistent agent brand. That photo you took for Instagram? Make a LinkedIn post with it and a Tweet.


Easily position yourself as an expert in your area thanks to their article-writing platform, tags and networking capabilities.


Keep Your Instagram Simple

Show off photos of your homes, post graphics with testimonials. Keep it simple. Use a grid designer app to create a consistent rather than jumbled look.


Cultivate connections using Facebook’s extensive local groups. Set your Instagram account to automatically push content to your Facebook page.

Personal Website

Stand out from other agents with a website tied to your brokerage and one you create yourself. This personal one can be simple to make using WordPress and a real estate agent theme.

Google My Business

Double, no, triple check all of your contact information is right. Use review tools and incentives to encourage former satisfied clients to write reviews.

Listing Websites

Zillow, Trulia, Make sure you have consistent messaging on all of these listing sites. They have the power of pulling in lots of traffic and you want to make sure your branding is spot on.

Review Websites

Don’t overlook the continuous carousel of real estate rating sites. Although you don’t want to break your budget subscribing to their bells and whistles, it’s worth taking advantage of free listings.

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