Help Your Clients Declutter to Sell Faster

Declutter To Sell Faster Office


Having your clients declutter before listing their home can help the property sell faster. A clutter-free home feels clean, welcoming, and inviting for potential buyers.

Here are some helpful tips to encourage clients to declutter before listing.

1. A clean house will encourage buyers.

When buyers come into a clean home, it will be more welcoming and will be more likely to put in an offer. Buyers aren’t looking for a messy house because a mess can signal underlying problems in the home.


Having your clients clean up their home will help it sell faster!

2. Less clutter shows off the storage space available.

While it may seem like filling all the storage spaces in the home will help show off how much you can store, it will overwhelm potential buyers. Emptying closets and other storage spaces to half-capacity shows off spaces and makes it easier for buyers to envision their own belongings in the home.

"Decluttering not only helps a home sell faster, it makes it easier for your clients when it comes time to pack for their big move!"

Declutter To Sell Faster Moving

3. Declutter before listing to make packing easier.

One big benefit to decluttering is that it makes packing easier when moving! The less stuff there is in a home, the easier it is to pack it all up and take it to its next home.

4. Give them the right tools to sell faster.

Don’t just tell your clients to declutter before listing without offering them the help they need! Provide them with some resources on how to declutter. Give them a list of spaces that they should focus on decluttering, like closets, garages, and surfaces, so they know where to focus their attention and efforts.

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