How Consistent Marketing is Like Your Resume

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Your resume is an overview of your professional accomplishments to show future employers what you can do. Resumes include your past jobs, education, and other information on the skills you have. Your resume will help employers get to know who you are so they can decide if you will be a good fit for the job and the company. Similarly, buyers and sellers use agents’ marketing materials to determine who to work with. 

How does your marketing represent you?

When looking for an agent to work with, buyers and sellers will make judgments based on the information available to them. Because of this, you should use your social profiles, advertisements, mailings, and your website to paint the best picture of who you are as an agent and a person. 

To keep your marketing accurate, make sure you update it regularly. Be sure to keep things clean and professional and include relevant photos. A recent photo of yourself will help clients relate to you, and posting pictures from successful closings with other happy clients will show that you can get the job done! 


search“People can be quick to judge, so you want to make sure you give them the right information to make a judgment!”


How is your marketing a resume for your clients?

It takes three seconds for an employer to look at your resume and determine if you are the right candidate for a position. After those initial three seconds, if it seems like you may be a good candidate, the employer will keep reading your resume to look at your history and accomplishments. Marketing your business works similarly. 

First impressions matter. Just as it takes only three seconds for an employer to make an initial judgment about a candidate, it takes just seconds for potential clients to make a judgment about you based on your marketing. If at first glance, your marketing looks clean, professional, and engaging, these people will continue reading, giving them a chance to read what you have to say. Once they’re reading, you have their attention and the opportunity to sell yourself. 


Keep your marketing materials clean, professional, and engaging.


When you market yourself and your services, you put yourself in front of thousands of people. Think about two or three bullet points that you want people to take away about you as a real estate agent. What separates you from other real estate agents? What can you offer that others can’t?

Because people make quick decisions, you need to market consistently. Just as a resume isn’t going to get you a job if you don’t submit it anywhere, you aren’t going to get new clients if you don’t market to new people! 

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