Quickly Increase Curb Appeal with 12 Easy Tricks

Increase curb appeal

Increase the curb appeal of your properties this winter.

Experts say curb appeal is an essential part of any home saleIn the spring, summer, and fall, it’s easy to rely on green grass, pretty leaves, and flowers to help make the sale. During colder months, the home might require a little more TLC to increase curb appeal.  


Here are some easy, cheap, and DIY ways to do just that. Remember to complete these upgrades before taking photos of the property so you can feature them in your property brochures and marketing materials. 


1. Dress up the front door.

The front door will welcome buyers into what could be their new home. Paint it a bright, welcoming color to help upgrade the look of the exterior. Make sure you check for any HOA covenants for approvals or color requirements.


2. Welcome buyers with a doormat. 

A doormat is an easy way to grab some attention. Pick up a sturdy one online or at a local shop to add a bit more personality to the porch.


3. Upgrade the mailbox.

Getting a new mailbox is an easy way to make a home look more modern. Look for one in a color to match the front door or the house numbers.


4. Count on house numbers to make an impression.

House numbers are a relatively cheap and easy way to dress up a home. Make sure they are easily visible from the road. Your local hardware store should have a selection of different options. Pick up some that are modern and stylish.


5. Furniture is your friend.

Look into putting out some furniture. Outdoor furniture will invite buyers to sit and stay for a minute, helping them envision their future at this address.


6. Plant something!

While flowers may not be in season right now, small evergreens, mums, and other plants can be planted or put in planters, on the porch, and around the walkways.

increase curb appeal in cold months

"Remember to complete these upgrades before taking photos of the property so you can feature them in your property brochures and marketing materials."

7. Install outdoor lighting. 

Lighting will help make a home seem warm and inviting, and many outdoor lights are easy to install on your own.


8. Add some artwork.

If you’re looking to dress up your garden beds, consider adding a statue, birdhouses, sculptures, or pavers to make the area more colorful.


9. Clean up the yard.

Make sure pathways are unobstructed, leaves are raked, the lawn is mowed, and any toys or other items are away. Consider power washing driveways, patios, and porches.


10. Let symmetry work for you.

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye, and symmetrical arrangements of porch furniture or planters will encourage buyers.


11. Less is more.

Don’t overwhelm a porch with too much stuff. Focus on a few good planters or chairs and leave it at that!


12. Focus on the windows.

Make sure windows are cleaned on the inside and outside. Consider repainting or adding shutters, and think about getting some window boxes with plants for a charming look. 

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