Maintaining Effective Partnerships in a Socially Distant World

Maintaining Partnerships


Life may feel a little disconnected right now with so many people working from their homes. Networking events have been canceled or moved online. General workplace camaraderie may feel like a far off memory, but it doesn’t have to. With all the access we have to technology, maintaining effective partnerships with our coworkers, business partners, and mentors is just as easy, if not easier, than before! 


Check out these tips on maintaining effective partnerships in a socially distant world!

1. Think of Ways to Support Your Coworkers

It’s hard to know what people are going through when you don’t see them regularly. Try to think of ways to maintain effective partnerships so you can support your coworkers from afar.


Some simple things you can do to help are:

  • Help them with a project they’re working on.
  • Send them a digital gift card for a local coffee shop.
  • Call them and just to catch up.
  • Mail them a handwritten note thanking them for all their hard work.


These small things mean a lot to your coworkers and help them feel more connected.

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"Plan your meetings ahead of time. This will keep your whole team on the same page and make sure you all stay connected."

2. Be Deliberate with Your Meetings

Brainstorming was a natural part of meetings in the workplace. Now that most meetings happen virtually, it may feel a little harder to brainstorm like you used to. To help combat this and ensure you’re maintaining effective partnerships, make sure you are more deliberate when planning and hosting meetings. 


It is also essential to allow people time to prepare for meetings ahead of time to keep everyone on the same page, and the sessions can stay productive. People appreciate their time being respected and used efficiently. 


If you want to foster more connections between you and your partners, consider setting up a meeting every other week just to catch up and touch base on ongoing projects! Feeling connected to your coworkers is a crucial factor in staying productive in the workplace.

3. Categorize Your Contacts

Working in real estate gives you an extensive contact list. Categorize your contacts so you know who you should reach out to next. You may forget about some connections you have since you haven’t seen them in a few months, so it’s a good idea to remind yourself of who you know. Maintaining effective partnerships takes work! 

"Take some time to figure out who you know, reach out, and connect with them and other local professionals to keep learning and networking."


4. Don't Be Afraid to Reach Out

Once you know who you should make an effort to connect with more, reach out to them! With the increase in popularity of virtual meetings, it is easier than ever to connect with people. Since people are more comfortable with virtual meetings, geography no longer has to be a deterrent. Use this opportunity to communicate with people from all over the country you may not have connected with in the past. 

5. Join Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

Social media is another excellent way to stay connected. Try searching for groups of like-minded professionals on Facebook and LinkedIn. Many groups host virtual networking events regularly. For more direct mail marketing tips, follow us on LinkedIn and see what we’re up to on Facebook

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