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Facebook is the largest social media platform. The wide range of users makes it a great social media platform to use for advertising. It allows you to connect with clients, new and old, and promote your services. Follow along to learn more about how to use Facebook for real estate marketing. 

Why should you use Facebook?

In 2019, 69% of U.S. adults said that they use Facebook. The large number of users gives you the chance to reach a broad audience and find new clients. All age groups use Facebook, so no matter what the age of your target audience is, there will be plenty of users to connect with. 


people on computers“69% of adults use Facebook”



How do you use Facebook?

When you start using Facebook, you have the opportunity to set up a profile or a page. A profile is for a person, while a page is for a company or an organization. Profiles are more private, and you have to request to follow them. For real estate marketing purposes, you should choose to set up a page. Pages will allow people to follow you and see your information and content without needing permission. A page also allows clients to leave reviews and recommendations, and also allows you to display contact and business information for your followers. 

You can share photos, videos, updates, and other posts on Facebook. You also have the option to post polls, Q&As, and host watch parties. You can post a poll to see what fun features your followers are looking for in their new homes, like breakfast nooks, home gyms, or spacious backyards. Q&As can be used to let your followers know more about you, and you can use a watch party can to hold virtual home showings. You can also link articles relating to your brokerage, announce new listings, or hold a contest for a gift or a free home evaluation. 


building a profile“Keep your page up to date so clients can find the information they are looking for.”


Customize your page with a profile picture and cover photo as the background. You are also able to create an ‘About’ section that users will see when they first click on your page, which you can use to introduce yourself to new clients. 

To create an ad on Facebook, you need to set up an ad account. Once you have an ad account set up, you can choose one of Facebook’s 11 objectives, like brand awareness or generating website traffic, pick your audience, determine your budget, and create the ad. Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of social media advertising. You can reach your target demographic by customizing the age, interests, location, and behavior of who your advertisements will reach. Facebook also offers one of the cheapest forms of advertising. There are many different options for cost, but you can set daily and lifetime budgets for your ads, or choose to pay for cost per click. In no time, your ad will reach thousands of potential clients. Facebook advertising is a great way to promote your business. 

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