Plan Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for 2021

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy


It’s the perfect time to plan your direct mail marketing strategy for the year.


Developing a direct mail marketing strategy continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach your clients. In real estate marketing, it helps you reach people all over your farm, in new areas, and in different types of homes. 


This year, plan out your marketing in advance to get the most for your dollars and efforts. 


Think About Your Niche

The beginning of a new year is a great time to think about your niche in the real estate market. Real estate sales tend to slow down, and the decrease in activity can give you time to focus on expanding your farm or working with a new type of property. 


Once you have your niche set, you can plan your marketing strategy around it.


Learn more about developing your niche here.


Determine Your Audience

Knowing your niche in the industry will also help you determine your target audience. Are you working with buyers, sellers, first-time homeowners, businesses, or another group?


Figure out who your target audience is so you can reach them effectively.


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"Knowing your niche in the industry will also help you determine your target audience. Figure out who your target audience is so you can reach them effectively."

Use a List Manager 

Using our List Manager will allow you to reach specific home types, entire neighborhoods, and beyond. Save your lists, keep track of your do-not-mail lists, and update and re-use them as needed! 


Use Homelife for a Consistent Direct Mail Marketing Strategy 

If you’re looking for a more consistent direct mail marketing strategy this year, look into signing up for Homelife. Homelife offers area exclusivity, allowing you to reach buyers, sellers, and other potential clients in your farm on a consistent, monthly basis. 


Check area availability here.


Plan When to Use Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes can make a great impression and should your clients how much you care and appreciate working with them. Send a note to thank clients, congratulate them on closing on their new homes, or commemorate a special event or holiday.


Know When to Mail

There has been some concern around the reliability of mail at the moment. However, there is no cause for alarm. Mail is still delivered. It just may take a few more days than expected. Plan your campaigns in advance to account for this possible delay, so your direct mail marketing strategy pieces arrive on time or early!


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