Tricks for Self-Shooting Home Listings

Photography Tips for Real Estage Agents

Professional real estate photos have become an unspoken rule among home listings. Today there are a sea of photographers in every major city and suburb who focus on real estate photography. But sometimes circumstances don’t match your favorite photographer’s schedule.

During intense selling periods, getting listings up and on the market may be more beneficial than waiting for a photographer’s schedule to open up. When that happens, it’s best to be ready to take action and take matters into your own hands to get the shots that sell. These can always be replaced when professional photos have been taken. The same may not be so easy to say about finding another buyer!

How to Take Real Estate Home Photos like a Pro

Here’s our tips for ensuring your phone’s photos show off a home’s best assets.

1. Choose the right time of day.

The “golden hour” is prized by photographers because of the supreme lighting it offers. Think the opposite of the mid-afternoon sun, the golden hour happens close to dusk when the sun is still in the sky but low enough to provide a flattering glow to the home.

2. Shoot the most flattering angle for outdoor landscaping.

Avoid trash cans and other unsightly elements while still giving a full view of the front and back of the home.

3. Use a tripod.

Inexpensive tripod ring light combinations are a good investment for taking explainer videos. But they can also come in handy when you are needing to take some home photos.

4. Clear out clutter.

As much as possible, remove personal items from countertops and tables so that viewers aren’t distracted by too many things going on in one image.

5. Do some quick staging.

Pull a fluffy throw and drape it over a sofa arm. Arrange chairs in a living room in a more welcoming manner than they’re normally placed. Small touches can make a more impressive first impression.

6. Shoot from a slightly raised perspective.

This will give a clear, straight view of a room and make it feel more expansive.

7. Don’t get too artistic.

Save those shots for the pros. Although you may want to add a “portrait” mode close up of the custom backsplash or gorgeous bathroom faucet, limit these shots to a minimum. You aren’t photographing a wedding or capturing emotion with real estate photos.

8. Make sure your seller’s home windows are clean.

Pull up blinds and open curtains so the great outdoors can be seen. But never Photoshop and fake the exterior view, that’s false advertising.

9. Keep pets and people out of the shot.

This may seem obvious, but it still happens.

10. Be conservative with your edits.

Have you ever seen a listing with photos that look like they had one too many cycles through Photoshop? These listings can detract from the home and make it look like there is something the home is hiding. You can download the app version of Lightroom for your phone and purchase presets that can instantly edit photos. Just be judicious and make sure everything still looks realistic. You can also hire a professional photo editor for minimal cost by using a freelancer finding platform like Fiverr.

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