Fight Digital Fatigue in Real Estate Marketing

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The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and this past year has been full of changes for agents, clients, lenders, and just about everyone else. As a real estate agent, you’ve had to adapt to a new way of business, focused heavily on virtual home showings, working from home, online listings, and video calls.


When you can’t rely on in-person meetings, those virtual methods are reliable and adaptive, allowing you to help your clients keep up with how fast the market is moving. While they have their benefits, many of us are experiencing digital fatigue after so many virtual interactions.


What is Digital Fatigue?
Anyone can experience digital fatigue, especially after they’ve spent too much time “plugged in” or online. You may notice a lack of motivation, a decrease in energy, and an inability to focus on whatever is on your screen.


Digital Fatigue in Real Estate
In the real estate industry, digital fatigue can lead to fewer interested eyes on your online home listings, fewer interactions with your digital marketing and advertising, and a decrease in how effective your virtual interactions with clients are.

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"With direct mail marketing, you benefit from receiving undivided attention from your potential clients while they read your marketing materials. Print marketing also has one of the highest ROI of marketing strategies and is often more memorable than digital advertisements."

How to Fight Digital Fatigue as an Agent
As an agent, you need your marketing to be memorable, effective, and eye-catching. If your message is getting lost in the digital landscape, it’s time to make a change.


To fight digital fatigue, try reaching out to home buyers in a non-digital format. Consider meeting with your clients in person or talking to them on the phone. These methods allow you to connect with your clients away from a screen, limiting how much digital fatigue they may be feeling.


In addition to more in-person or face-to-face interactions, it’s time to re-introduce print marketing as a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy.


Use Print Marketing to Stand Out
To make sure your marketing is heard above all the digital noise, focus on a more tangible real estate marketing strategy, like postcards, flyers, direct mail campaigns, door hangers, and other high-quality print marketing materials.


Since print marketing is often held in someone’s hand and isn’t on a screen, you benefit from receiving their undivided attention while they read your marketing materials. Print marketing also has one of the highest ROI of marketing strategies and is often more memorable than digital advertisements. Use tactics like lead generation to create a mailing list that will help you target the right clients.


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