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There are plenty of ways to use door hangers as a real estate agent, so we’ve gathered a few ideas to make using them effective, efficient, and suitable for growing your farm.

As a real estate agent, you find yourself using a wide range of marketing tools and techniques to help you reach potential buyers, sellers, and new clients. It can be hard to figure out which marketing techniques to use with so many options to choose from. For example, door hangers are an excellent way to contact homeowners in your target neighborhood directly. 


Door hangers are a small but effective way to advertise your services, skills, recent sales, and other information. Door hangers come in several standard sizes: 3.5 inches by 8.5 inches, 4 inches by 11 inches, and 5.25 inches by 8.5 inches. They can also be made in custom sizes or unique shapes, like rounded corners or tags. 


Because they can easily hang on front doors, it makes them a great candidate for small, eye-catching pieces of information, somewhere between what you would put on a business card and a brochure! 


The biggest reason door hangers work is that they allow you to make direct contact with homeowners in an area. They can be an effective conversation starter, a way to introduce yourself, or just a way to pass on information if you aren’t knocking on every door. 


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"Door hangers are an excellent way to advertise your services, introduce yourself to potential new clients, or make direct contact with homeowners. Door hangers also make your information accessible, helping clients get in touch with you later!"



Here’s how to use realtor door hangers effectively: 

1. Use Door Hangers to Introduce Yourself

Door hangers placed on front doors are an easy way to introduce yourself to your potential clients. When creating your custom door hangers, be sure to include your contact information, a short bio, and website or social media handles. 

2. Make It Practical

To make your marketing stand out and stay practical, consider attaching your business card or a magnet for your clients. People are more likely to save your information when it’s in a convenient format for them. 


A magnet on the fridge or a business card in their wallet or on their bulletin board will help encourage them to remember you and your services when they need a real estate agent.

3. Advertise Your Services

When you design real estate door hangers, you’re advertising yourself and your services. So make sure you emphasize how you can help your potential new clients. 


If you’re looking to create more genuine connections, consider offering a free service on your door hanger designs. A free market update, home valuation, or course on buying or selling your home are all helpful and encourage your clients to make that connection with you. 

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4. Choose the Right Design

To make your door hangers stand out, invest in high-quality, full color, custom design. Use your professional headshot and be sure to follow the branding guidelines for your brokerage. Getting your door hangers printed on coated paper can also increase their durability. 


Find our design guide online for design tips and ideas.

5. Get to Know Your Clients

One of the most significant benefits of using real estate door hangers is getting to walk around, familiarize yourself with your farm, and get to know your clients. 


As you hang your marketing on house doors, try knocking and introducing yourself directly to the homeowners. While they might not be looking to sell right away, introducing yourself is a way to build connections, so they come to you when it’s time to sell! 


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6. Order Door Hangers from My Marketing Matters

If you head to the My Marketing Matters online platform, you can upload your own door hanger designs or customize one of our four templates. Coming in a standard size of 4.5×11, these make an excellent addition to your marketing campaigns. 


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