The 5 Contractors Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

What contractors should real estate agents know?

A real estate agent isn’t just someone that locates properties and closes deals. Being a resource has many benefits. Whether you’re a natural networker or it takes you a little time to make acquaintances, you want to be the in-the-know in your community. Not only does this give you the advantage of expediting deals, but it ensures you remain top-of-mind in your clients’ contact list. That means you’ll be the person they turn to the next time they need an agent and you’ll be the first person they think of when someone needs a referral. And we all know how important word-of-mouth is for a real estate agent.

Why Should Real Estate Agents Have Good Contractor Connections?

With all the different parts of your career, from marketing to lead generating, nurturing current client relationships and handling negotiations, is there time for more? You might be wondering if it’s worth it to make solid connections with home professionals and the answer is a big yes!

Think of the buyer/seller process. You’ll need to address issues in a home with a potential seller. You’ll want these issues taken care of quickly and efficiently so you can get their home on the market. Don’t let the lack of a contractor stale a sale. On the flipside, a buyer might be hesitant to commit to a property if they don’t know how much their renovation costs will be. You can come to the rescue with pros that can give you estimates and calculate costs. It’s also reassuring if they know they have a reputable contractor lined up before a sale.

Finally, once the sale is finalized, you can keep those good vibes with a satisfied client by being there when they need a hand. If something goes wrong with their home, it might not be your problem, but if you can easily offer a solution, like the number of a contractor they can trust, you may have won a client for life. And as a bonus, getting these contacts cost you virtually nothing! So unlike social media ads or billboards, this way of generating more business is amazingly budget-friendly.

The 5 Contractor Connections Every Real Estate Agent Should Have

1. Plumber

When you need a plumber, it’s usually urgent. That’s why it pays to invest your time finding a good, reliable plumber who is responsive and highly skilled. Of course, good plumbers don’t come cheap. It can be helpful to connect with independent plumbers or those who moonlight independently to snag a slightly better deal.

2. Electrician

There are certain jobs that you can encourage buyers and sellers to DIY. Electrical work is definitely not one of them. These pros are essential for safe and reliable wiring and installation projects. But they’re also needed in a hurry for many types of scenarios, from getting electricity turned on to getting a municipality to sign-off on a closing. Don’t make your clients wait, have a quality electrician team ready to go.

3. General Contractor

Just like the name implies, a general contractor can take care of a wide array of household projects. They’re helpful for giving estimates on kitchen and bath renovations and can be useful when determining the costs of repairs and issues a home inspection revealed.

4. Outdoor Contractor

An outdoor professional might seem unnecessary, that is until an emergency in a yard comes up. Outdoor pros can help with everything from instantly upgrading the landscaping before an open house to repairing a patio in disrepair. They can help add instant property value to a home you’re working to sell and make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

5. HVAC Expert

No one wants to move into a home in the middle of winter without heat. The same goes for the summer heat and air conditioning. Much like a plumber, HVAC pros are usually called in when there’s a pressing need. That’s where you can help prevent a client from spending hours scouring online reviews and waiting for a call back.

Beyond the Contractors, Don’t Forget Every Real Estate Agent Needs These Pros

It’s not just home pros that enhance your image and streamline your deals. Make sure to have a quality contact that you know and trust in these professions. Be sure the person you choose to recommend has a friendly demeanor, is top-notch in their field and is reliable.

  • Mortgage Lender
  • Property Inspector
  • Real Estate Lawyer

Now it’s time to start asking friends and family for referrals, trying professionals out on small projects to start and getting those numbers saved in your phone. With just a little legwork, you can be the resource everyone turns to.

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