Are real estate market trends favoring buyers or sellers?

Real Estate Market Trends

IT CAN BE HARD TO FIGURE OUT THE CURRENT REAL ESTATE MARKET TRENDS WITH ALL THE TALK ABOUT BUYER’S AND SELLER’S MARKETS. HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE CURRENT MARKET. As an agent, you need to stay on top of real estate market trends to help your clients buy and sell homes. Things […]

COVID-19 Increases Demand for Single-Family Homes


As people look for more space, interest in single-family homes increases. Interest in single-family homes is rising due to COVID-19. Staying home is the new normal, and people in apartments or condos may feel cramped. Single-family homes in the suburbs, and even further out, are more in demand than ever. The desire for these spaces […]

This Pandemic Is Making Us Stronger

Global Pandemic Protection

The current pandemic has changed our lives in so many unimaginable ways. We’ve had to alter how we socialize, work, and go about our day-to-day lives. We’ve had to give up many of our favorite things. However, in the midst of all the uncertainty and change, we’re also becoming stronger and more resilient. We’re finding […]

How Millennials are Changing the Home Buying Process

House For Sale Scaled

The home buying process has been pretty consistent over the last 50 years. However, as technology continues to advance and millennials start looking to buy and sell more seriously, the industry is going to see some significant changes. Agents may even see new roles developing. In the past, most home buyers found their realtor through […]

The Next Great Migration

Houses Contemporary Scaled

With all the time people have spent indoors and at home in recent months, they have a newfound appreciation for easy access to the outdoors and comfortable living spaces. Stay-at-home orders and the pandemic have highlighted the importance of the ability to spread out to maintain a certain quality of life. Townhouses and apartments usually […]

COVID-19’s Impact on Real Estate in the US

New York Virus Scaled

How has COVID-19 impacted the industry? The current coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on businesses. Since the stay-at-home orders were announced, many companies have sent employees to work from home while other companies have had to close. State governments have the power to determine what is right for their areas, and their local […]

We’re New! Browse our online platform.


My Marketing Matters is very excited to launch our new online ordering platform.  The new portal makes ordering a lot easier by allowing you to – Upload your own designs and see the proof immediately. Customize designs online with auto-fill contact information and see updates in real-time. Create, edit, and maintain custom mailing lists online. […]