Create a Consistent Image with Your Real Estate Social Media Handles

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As an agent, you know firsthand how vital a consistent, professional image is for your brand and business. Your professional image usually comes from dressing the part, keeping your social media accounts active, and sending direct mail marketing campaigns to your clients. Those are all important, but it can also help to take a step back and think about the strategy behind your real estate social media handles and URLs.

What are social media handles?

Sometimes referred to as an “at” (or @), your username or URL, your social media handles are how people find your profiles on different social platforms. Since social media platforms come from different companies, you may have a few different handles or usernames floating around.

How can real estate social media handles be used to create a consistent professional image?

Your social media handles advertise who you are. Creating a consistent handle or username for yourself helps your clients identify you across platforms and see you as confident and reliable.

Can social media handles be changed?

If you have a few different accounts with various usernames and handles, consider changing them to be more consistent. It may take some time and effort to find an available handle on multiple platforms, but it’s worth the effort.


Check out these resources from common social media platforms to change your usernames, handles, page names, and URLs.

Real Estate Social Media Handles Account

"Your real estate social media handles and profiles are a quick way to let your clients know you! Be sure they represent who you are as an agent."


A premier site for networking, LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with other professionals. Many people opt for their URL to be their name, but you may decide to make it the name of your business, brand, or something else!


Facebook is a favorite for staying in touch with friends and family, but it can also be a useful tool to keep your clients up to date and advertise your services. Many professionals have separate Facebook profiles. Consider setting up a business page for yourself!


Instagram is a visual platform. Use Instagram to share property and keeping your clients updated on your day-to-day work using Instagram Stories.


Twitter is for quick musing and short updates. Twitter also allows you to share content with your clients easily.

"Creating a consistent brand across your social media profiles will help reassure your clients and show off your expertise."

Real Estate Social Media Handles Profiles

How can real estate social media handles be shared?

Once you have all of your social media handles ready to go, it’s time to start sharing them! You can share your accounts on your other platforms and take out ads on many social media platforms.


Aside from just sharing your profiles digitally, consistent handles are convenient for people to remember and are a great way to encourage your clients to get in touch with you. Since they are short, social media handles are easy to put on your direct mail marketing campaigns.


Reach out to us to discuss options for adding your social media handles to your HomeLife direct mail marketing campaigns and other mail pieces!

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