How Much Should You Spend On Marketing?

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Marketing is fundamentally one of the most important ways an agent can put themselves out there to try and gain new clients. Top agents often dedicate a significant amount of their funds to marketing campaigns, but it’s crucial to find the sweet spot that works for you and your clients. Analyze Your Business Before you […]

Use Direct Mail to Stand Out

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It wasn’t too long ago when direct mail began overwhelming people and became the conventional way to reach potential customers and clients. As social media began to gain users from all age groups all over the world, digital marketing became the new way to advertise your business. While marketing on social media can still be […]

How Consistent Marketing is Like Your Resume

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Your resume is an overview of your professional accomplishments to show future employers what you can do. Resumes include your past jobs, education, and other information on the skills you have. Your resume will help employers get to know who you are so they can decide if you will be a good fit for the […]

How to Use Your Marketing to Tell a Story

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Real estate storytelling combines social media, videos, mailings, and emails to tell a story about a property, an area, or an agent. Storytelling is often seen as more authentic and personal than other forms of marketing. It is used as a genuine way to capture emotions, engage clients, and make your marketing more successful. What […]

Using Mailing Campaigns Wisely

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In a time where technology is starting to dominate the world, the real estate industry is moving with it. Buyers find agents online and can pick out a home with the click of a button. Agents are marketing with social media, mass emails, and online ads. Through all of these new developments, mail campaigns remain […]