Create a Consistent Image with Your Real Estate Social Media Handles

Real Estate Social Media Handles Platforms

YOUR SOCIAL HANDLES CAN TELL YOUR FOLLOWERS WHO YOU ARE AND YOUR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. As an agent, you know firsthand how vital a consistent, professional image is for your brand and business. Your professional image usually comes from dressing the part, keeping your social media accounts active, and sending direct mail marketing campaigns to your […]

3 Ways Technology Is Improving the Real Estate Industry


Use technology to enhance the trust between agents, buyers, and sellers. By now, technology is ingrained in our daily lives. Using technology has become second nature for so many of us. Traditionally in-person and on-paper experiences and processes can now happen online. For an industry, like real estate, that relies so much on human connection […]

Maintaining Effective Partnerships in a Socially Distant World

Maintaining Partnerships

GET TIPS ON STAYING CONNECTED AND MAINTAINING EFFECTIVE PARTNERSHIPS IN A WORLD THAT FEELS A LITTLE DISCONNECTED. Life may feel a little disconnected right now with so many people working from their homes. Networking events have been canceled or moved online. General workplace camaraderie may feel like a far off memory, but it doesn’t have […]

Marketing with Facebook

Social Media And Content Sharing

Facebook is the largest social media platform. The wide range of users makes it a great social media platform to use for advertising. It allows you to connect with clients, new and old, and promote your services. Follow along to learn more about how to use Facebook for real estate marketing. Why should you use […]

Marketing with Instagram

Instant Picture

Social media is a great way to market your business and gain clients and recognition. Most platforms offer different paid marketing options, but if you use your profile or page in the right way, they can serve a similar purpose. Instagram is very popular, and the visual-forward approach is easy for followers to digest. So, […]

What Social Media Platforms Should You Use?

Web Social Network Concept Scaled

Social media gives businesses the power to reach out to their clients and advertise to new ones. In the real estate industry, having a social media presence is a necessity. With so many social media platforms to choose from, getting started might seem daunting. While over one hundred social media apps exist, we’re going to […]

How to Use Your Marketing to Tell a Story

Digital Marketing Blurb Illustration Scaled

Real estate storytelling combines social media, videos, mailings, and emails to tell a story about a property, an area, or an agent. Storytelling is often seen as more authentic and personal than other forms of marketing. It is used as a genuine way to capture emotions, engage clients, and make your marketing more successful. What […]