Can You Profit from Airbnb Hosts?

Airbnb Rental

    In 2022 Airbnb added 20% more properties to its inventory. It’s predicted that the short term rental market will continue to grow. And a good portion of that growth will be in single family homes. This added inventory will require investors to buy properties. And that can signal a potentially lucrative group of […]

The 5 Contractors Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

What contractors should real estate agents know?

A real estate agent isn’t just someone that locates properties and closes deals. Being a resource has many benefits. Whether you’re a natural networker or it takes you a little time to make acquaintances, you want to be the in-the-know in your community. Not only does this give you the advantage of expediting deals, but […]

You’re a Real Estate Agent, Is Property Management Right for You?

Real Estate Agent Considering Property Management

As a real estate agent, you might be considering branching out into property management. Maybe an investor client has inquired about whether you could manage a property you just helped them close on. Or, you’re looking for additional revenue streams that could be possibilities thanks to a real estate or broker license. What would a […]

Pros and Cons of Rental Clients for Real Estate Agents

Should you add rentals to your real estate services?

Can a real estate agent also handle rentals? It’s a common question that many new agents wonder about. If you’ve never entered the world of rentals, it can seem like an unknown world, with different rules from buying and selling real estate. So what are the advantages and disadvantages to helping clients find a rental […]

Summer Staging Tips to Help Save Your Sanity

Summer Staging Tips

The summer months can be a challenge for agents. People are on vacation and hard to reach. The temps are soaring and you’re wondering if you’ll get a chance for a little R&R. Changing your staging to fit the season can be the difference between a buyer falling in love or walking away. Spring is […]

Grow a New Farm to Find New Clients

Find New Clients

GET TIPS FROM MY MARKETING MATTERS ON HOW TO GROW A NEW FARM TO FIND NEW CLIENTS. You’re already familiar with your current farm and have a good rapport with your clients there. Whether you’re moving and need to grow a new farm or you’re beginning to work with a new type of real estate, […]

How to Help New Homeowners

Help New Homeowners Moving Box

HERE’S HOW TO HELP NEW HOMEOWNERS AND SET THEM UP FOR SUCCESS. Moving is often considered one of the most stressful life events. It can get even more overwhelming for first-time homeowners, people new to the area, and homeowners renovating before moving into their new homes. As a real estate agent, you are there to […]

Fight Digital Fatigue in Real Estate Marketing

Digital Fatigue 1

HERE’S HOW YOU CAN FIGHT DIGITAL FATIGUE IN REAL ESTATE MARKETING BY USING DIRECT MAIL AND PRINT MARKETING. The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and this past year has been full of changes for agents, clients, lenders, and just about everyone else. As a real estate agent, you’ve had to adapt to a new […]

Find More Sellers With Just Sold Flyers and Postcards

Find More Sellers

TIPS FROM MY MARKETING MATTERS ON HOW TO ENCOURAGE POTENTIAL SELLERS TO LIST THEIR HOMES. Right now, housing supply is low.   The current real estate market makes it hard to find sellers. From a lack of affordable housing options to fewer homes for sale, just sold postcards for realtors and door flyers are a […]